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In the Galápagos Islands, the wildlife literally rules the roost. It is so refreshing to watch wildlife come first. #nature #naturelovers


  1. arigarzon

    It's nice to know that you're visiting mi country, enjoy your stay here 😊

  2. zmooney1

    Looks like a nightmare of a place with all the tourists

  3. nekaalove

    All these people scare me... they’re going to ruin the Galápagos

  4. surfroma

    Too much people

  5. titas__saha

    I don't understand. Why is the animal on a bench instead of its habitat?

  6. sophieharrysson

    He/she is in charge of welcoming tourists!! Haha😂 So beautiful, so sweet ❤️

  7. logansmithnz

    Sea doggo 😍

  8. 1newlsll

    Amazing example of man & nature coexisting properly. 👏👌👍💕

  9. beegreennaturals

    💕 To live side by side in harmony with all earths creations like this would be amazing.

  10. morenewslater

    Such a happy seal 😍

  11. think.know.create

    Does someone watch over to make sure people don't get too close to wildlife?

  12. mallopallopa

    "Coexistence is vital for survival." I heard that somewhere once.

  13. tawnyamccoy

    This makes me so happy

  14. nature.mchenry

    Even though we sometimes misinterpret Darwin’s teachings. I still think he’d haunt whom ever decided that it shouldn’t be animals ruling said islands. Also be kinda disappointing if the Galapagos wasn’t Environmentally conscientious

  15. _bandoola_

    Yikes. There are WAY too many people visiting and living those tiny, delicate islands. It's great to be curious but I wish people would stop going. If you're not a native, documentarian or a scientist, just stay away.

  16. anam_perdomo

    Why is he there? Isn't he suffering?

  17. angohhhang

    @cih91 do you know how HARD it would be for me not to take that home?! Hahahaha. Me and my strays. 😂😂😂😂

  18. m0_neek3

    @yves_linh oh you know just another typical day in the Galapagos. A seal just hanging out on the bench.

  19. nickgrif

    @aliciafenella I can imagine myself as this seal

  20. kcmartininternational

    Awwww!!! So so cute @paulnicklen 😍😍😍

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