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  1. yeffocyort

    "Like new" asking 45,000 I know what I got

  2. reuteraiden

    Most be a ford

  3. lukehancock4398

    That 6 speed though

  4. the_jacrain5.9l

    Every warning light is on but it’s a Cummins

  5. fknfast01saleen

    12v Cummins truck...still worth $6k

  6. brandoz1k

    It’s a 98-02 24 valve. Different dash and steering wheel

  7. alan.harper

    "Just passed inspections last month"

  8. themr.miller

    “i kNoW wHaT i hAvE. dOnT bOtHer mE WiTh ofFeRs uNdER 40k”

  9. shawnmocco

    That's a dodge

  10. b_colbysmith

    “Crack free dash”

  11. raafaa1

    Its a cummins 400000 miles still like new 😂😂 30,000 no willing to negotiate i know what I have

  12. loud_and_heavy

    I bet he also paid 12 grand for it, Cummins dudes think their trucks with 400k miles are made of gold. or something

  13. anthony_forche_5.7

    6 speed cummins is rare tho

  14. sstteevveenn

    That car has character👍

  15. straifseven

    Cost 25 bucks

  16. tree_fiddy_chebby

    Must be a dodge

  17. davey_how

    @teddybear_arie @fullautomarvin

  18. jaykaye001

    @joshuathegiraffe when I buy any vehicle ever 😂

  19. 98_ram_5.9


  20. wiscoatllc


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