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  1. alexg010

    I’m focused on the f12 in the back

  2. andrewvch

    Great job. It looks like a ricer now

  3. kyle.drummond14

    The front thing that pops up look plastic 🤯

  4. zzdn12

    Nah F12 tho

  5. exotics_7

    Life success 🤯

  6. cars.avenue
  7. jm_fpv

    Omg niice way of dirty a car

  8. sd.lift.kish97

    مچکرم ازت

  9. _.rxhan

    Birdsong 😍

  10. jahmicah876


  11. evan_g_3

    That f12 in the garage tho 🔑🔥

  12. purrrr_kat


  13. mezzettiantonio

    Pacchianissimo 😂

  14. b._.tay5

    Could you imagine if it had a layer of ice and just when the plate retracts that layer of ice just slides of in one piece

  15. walker.d.willis

    This is such a cool car! I hope I have one of these in my garage one day🙏. Love your content! 🙌

  16. ucp_pizzaria_e_lanchonete


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