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  1. amandinevrg

    @coline_lopez miss ya

  2. puffball_nevaeh

    @_.thtgurl._ @1anonly_jumiracle @issaspamting_

  3. florinaflo1

    Song is BID by Tory Lanez

  4. renae_jones18
  5. lindadoorsy


  6. ro.ya6743

    Such a wowwwwww🤚❤️

  7. shay.karidi


  8. selina.123


  9. ei_sha_

    This is too cute. All three of you look great. Y'all are Very talented, and have the ability to grab and WOW an audience. Keep up the good work ; I'm rooting for youse.

  10. oliviachittydance

    This chorey is fiyahhhh

  11. stephyy_pgn


  12. bogdana6177


  13. k_ran_difuture


  14. claire.nvu

    @anaellee.riou chepa si on peut de considérer comme des danseuses mdrr

  15. ellimarieee


  16. katherine_arteche


  17. milka_.jimenez

    @danidesales_919 está muy cool no? 😍😍😍

  18. l.nana____


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