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🌹🕊️Frida Kahlo🕊️🌹Yargeyr knows a classy lady when he wears one 😻 Available Thursday 2/7 🌹 #sphynxswag #sphynx #sphynxcat #sphynxlair #frida #fridakahlo #roses #paws #catclothes #sphynxclothes #hairlesscat #ilovemysphynx


  1. oraclebodyjewelry

    Gahhhh! So cuuute!! 😻😻😻

  2. natevoigt

    I love that feisty pose, Yargeyr! 😼

  3. lykoi_mafia

    Very cool ❤️

  4. innamalysheva

    We just need same motif in light fabric for AZ, PLEASE! 😻

  5. katyjane0810

    Fabulous! ❤️💙 Now all you need is a his and hers with Diego Rivera! 😻

  6. dinkswithasphynx

    Ummmmm absolutely need! At this point we should be on some sort of weekly auto order 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. damii_jai

    This is perfect 😻

  8. purrfectintexas

    OMG, we have to get this! We LOVE Frida!

  9. clementinethefuzzysphynx

    This is AMAZING!!♥️

  10. the.meownsters

    Get outta here! So good!

  11. lindsaymcdoodle

    ❤️❤️❤️ love it!

  12. black_sheep_flower_child

    Loving the outfits I got today

  13. emerynlove

    It’s a must have

  14. sphynxinthecity_


  15. sphynxswag

    This is a medium weight stretchy fleece fabric with Frida Kahlo motif

  16. aa.nne

    This acc @onigogino

  17. clementinethefuzzysphynx


  18. innamalysheva

    OMG! I love Frida Kahlo! I am ordering one. The cats have to share. 😆

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