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The #NYR⁠ ⁠ prospect first star of the week is K'Andre Miller. Miller had 1-4--5 in 2GP during the week, and he had 1-3--4, including the GWG vs Penn State. Miller is tied for 2nd among NCAA freshmen in assists and points this season. (📹 @badgermhockey)


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  2. joeoliveri97

    @anthonybettano24 if he stays at a ppg, he’ll probably be up next year

  3. sassano1992

    @nyrangers one or two of your 50/50 Raffles should do it.

  4. new_york_rangers_35

    Follow me for Rangers news.

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    @jareddeflippo @aberard17

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    @zhukovalex1983 @nyrangers @nhl help this guy's kid out

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  9. mikecoates_

    @vinnysoriano you called it yesterday and they posted it today

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    @mikecoates_ give me the social media handle @nyrangers

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    @jcanfield11 @alexmendez05

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    @zhukovalex1983 @nyrangers cut Smith and send this man his salary!!

  16. lukefanning_4

    This dude is a stud

  17. rangers.realm

    hey follow

  18. pauliegfromnyc

    @ian_baron he’s in college. Why do you guys wanna rush every single player? It’s a damn rebuild and they have a logjam on defense

  19. pauliegfromnyc

    @new_york_rangers_35 no

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