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I’ll miss the fall, it always seems so short around here🍂 Now I’m just waiting for the snow to cover the ground!
#senja #moodygrams #folkcreative #quietthechaos #awakethesoul #goneoutdoors #norwaynature


  1. paddyscottphotography

    What a scene, great shot :)

  2. krisvang

    @paddyscottphotography Thanks, much appreciated!

  3. krisvang

    @peter.pusok Thanks a lot🙏🏼

  4. krisvang

    @newyorkerdem Thanks!

  5. krisvang

    @osemann Thank you very much!

  6. krisvang

    @rolandschausten Thanks man!

  7. fabiomluz

    So much feelings in a single shot 🤘🏽

  8. late.ha

    That's awesome mate!

  9. maxlazzi


  10. lukas_pousset

    Looks so mystic and epic! 🙌

  11. saviourmifsud

    Still looks axtremly nice Kris🙌🏼

  12. krisvang

    @saviourmifsud Yeah, this is a few weeks ago when there was still colors and leaves😊

  13. benevebenassi

    Quite dark but still great mood!

  14. torfossphotography

    Like the mood here, so mysterious

  15. thelawchen

    So moody 👍👍

  16. selimozgun

    Super 🙌🏻

  17. jon_olmstead

    Dope shot 🔥

  18. selimozgun


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